Lens of Desire Cover

On a quiet residential street in Shanghai in 1937, a young woman opens the door to a villa owned by the man who has spurned her. She finds the house abandoned though traces of activity linger in the rooms.


She suspects a crime, and as she reaches for the telephone to call for help, she finds the line dead. Desperate to unravel the mystery behind her lover’s disappearance, she follows him to Japanese occupied   Manchuria, a place where she will be forced to come to terms with her most cherished illusions.


In 1966, a young red guard finds several diaries written in a foreign language. Enchanted by the drawings he finds within, he saves them from the bonfire. When he opens the first diary, photos of a lovely young woman and a man fall out from between the pages.


At great peril to himself, he determines to discover the story that lies within the pages of the books he must now conceal from his peers. What he discovers will radically change the course of his life.