Children of the Sun

children_fullEight thematically linked stories of multi-culturalism, immigration and globalism from The Conquest of the New World to the wars in the Middle East today. The first grouping follows seven women in succession, each story building upon its predecessor. Unexpected Arrival introduces an unnamed narrator as she suffers the loss of her childhood homeland and is thrown into the turbulence of the United States during the 1960’s. Chains is a poignant and hilarious tale of an eccentric and unappreciated creative artist. In Rare Earth, the protagonist is healed by the land, itself, following a devastating loss. All Good things is the story of globalism gone wrong along with a terrible life altering love affair. Blue Mood follows the creative process of a young jazz musician, and Trading Horses is about growing up and taking on responsibility. Old Woman chronicles a turbulent life from the Russian Revolution, to the rise of Nazism, to the camps and battlefields of Eastern Europe finally ending in Argentina’s Dirty War.

Children of the Sun is a story of spiritual transformation focusing on the ill -fated Narvaez expedition to North America in 1528. It is told from the perspective of the Moorish slave Esteban, his owner, the nobleman, Andres Dorantes, Alonso de Castillo, a physician’s son from Salamanca and Cabeza de Vaca, second in command and treasurer of the expedition, who saves their lives by becoming a renowned healer among the Indian Nations they encounter.

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Once again L.S. Temmer delivers a superb read in her newest book, Children of the Sun, a collection of short stories – stories connected by suffering, awakening and renewal. As in her earlier book, Death of an Activist, the protagonists here are outsiders, sometimes social and other times cultural. They all struggle in a hostile world to reach an inner vision, at first dimly perceived but then becoming clearer as each individual loosens the bonds to a life which no longer serves authentic needs.

The book climaxes with a historically based story about the spiritual awakening of the four sole survivors of an ill-fated, 400 man Spanish expedition to Florida in 1527. Having lost everything of material value, these one time treasure hunters, in order to survive, must learn to see the region’s indigenous people as humans worthy of respect and not as livestock waiting to be enslaved. As each man gradually recalibrates his value system, he develops the power and ability to heal all kinds of ailments. Their reputation precedes them in their wanderings of the Gulf region, and the group is revered by the natives as the Children of the Sun. After years of wandering, our four make their way back to Mexico to resume their former lives but now as much wiser and humbler men.

Temmer’s well written prose is rich in the imagery which makes her imaginative stories such a compelling treat to read. This book will be savored by those discerning readers who are comfortable with out of the ordinary characters and themes.

Mickey Propadovich

After reading ‘Death of an Activist’ I thought I knew what to expect from Children of the Sun and Other Stories – characters, environments and events which were created by a true, craftsman-like story teller. I was wrong. I was quite unprepared for the tenderness and the muscularity of Ms Temmer’s approach to these stories and the depth of her vision as well as the depth of my own while under her spell! As an artist I found myself often envying the way she drew and painted her characters.

I don’t usually approach writing or stories like a metaphor for painting or vice versa but Temmer lets me see her world that way. I sense somehow that if she weren’t a writer she’d be a painter with an illustrative bent and she’d be the best! Her mind and her heart would demand it – demand that she let you in to the depth of her soul.

Thank you for these. I will read them over and over.

Alfred Lyman