The God Of Rock and Other Stories

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The God of Rock is novella composed of interlocking short stories, in which the destinies of a rock guitarist and a fledgling painter become intertwined. Brought together initially by desire, they are parted by life’s circumstance. Through dreams, memories and a long process whereby the ego unravels and allows the soul to lead, the two are eventually reunited many years later. Lovingly written.

This collection also includes The Burial, six tales of the Sarmations, the great horsemen of the steppe, which span from 500 BCE TO 1400 CE. The merger of historiography and archaeology produce a fictional reconstruction of a preliterate people, always illuminating the eternal human condition.

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Although I thoroughly enjoyed both sections of this this book, I found The Sarmation stories particularly engaging. The fascinating blend of history and myth recreates a past that has a relevance in our world today.



I did like the different view points in God of Rock, but L.S. Temmer’s strongest & most lyrical voice comes alive in the last few stories of this book;
only the best classic writers & poets have written as beautifully.



The novella the God of Rock consists of eleven lovely interlocking stories. Even though the novella is written as fiction, I think most of us reading this story will find much truth and a part of our lives in this tale. Though it is sentimental, it is also expertly written.

Before you start to read the collection of short stories titled, The Sarmations, ranging from 500 BCE to 1400 CE, my suggestion is to read the Author’s note to see how the author beautifully engages the reader’s interest in history and anthropology. It is worthwhile to read and learn from these stories.

I loved both sections

-Zlata Simic