Throw Granny off the Balcony and Other Short Stories

A humorous collection of real life short stories with a crazy cast of characters. From a father who has a habit of crashing every new car he buys, to a mother who throws dishes in the dumpster rather than washing them, to a sister who attributes her troubles to psychological boogers, and a ninety-five year old grandmother who thinks everyone is trying to drive her crazy, Throw Granny off the Balcony, is a wild ride. These characters, along with amorous peacocks, spouses, mothers-in-law, madwomen on the roof, flying horses, alligator loving Mafiosi, gypsies, jaguars and food (always more food) are a snapshot of what will perhaps be considered a golden era in human history.

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This is a truly delightful collection of adventures taken from author Lily Temmer’s own life…and what fun, madcap adventures she’s had!! These short tales recount zany situations with over-the-top interesting characters (mostly real-life family members and friends). It’s more than just situational splendor, though. It’s the way the stories are written that brings a sense of whimsy and delight to the reader. I laughed out loud many times – and imagined the scenes as if I were actually there. It takes a skilled writer to experience a moment in time and capture the hilarity of it in words. I can’t wait until the next volume of stories emerges!

Marie Haddad
Pianist, Singer-songwriter

LS Temmer has done it again! Another brilliant piece, this time with a collection of true short stories, prepare to be amazed and delighted as you peek into a colorful life and beautifully written stories. Her writing is so descriptive as the stories unfold right before your eyes. I howled with laughter at the crazy antics of her loved ones. Savor and enjoy!

Nely Piper

This hilarious collection of stories was outstanding! Real life shared experiences and unforgettable stories personalized this book wonderfully. Family, friends, food, Balkan stories, food, pets, spouses, more food, driving…I couldn’t put it down. Reading this makes you want more and more from Temmer!! When is Volume II coming?!?!

Mike Ryan